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Business cards are an essential piece of a business. As a lasting point of contact between you and a client – they can say a lot about you and your company. In this age, often online technology is used to connect with people, and it can be hard to get your business noticed.

If you stand out and engage your readers when you deliver your message, you’ll leave a lasting impression on your client. The touch and feel of a printed design can tell your story more than 1000 words. Come and talk to us about the opportunities that print offers you.

Custom Size

Most people just use a standard card size. Why not be different? Fitting your details onto something more quirky will help your customers remember you. A long one they can use for a bookmark. How about a square? Or one with a fold?


For a greater durability, or simply for a different finish – try lamination. One or two sided, it can completely change the look of your card. Gloss will lift the colours, and leave a embellished glossy surface. Matt creates a flat and modern feel.


Design and print go hand in hand. You’ll need the best of both worlds to stand out.

We can spice up an old look, tweak your current files, or create something entirely new!

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