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Flipside Virtual

Specalising in printing, design, and websites, Flipside Virtual seeks to raise the standard of business promotion—taking it to the next level. Joining award winning design with quality printing, they use their insight to develop great relationships with the community; helping business to grow and develop into flourishing enterprises.

Flipside is a family business run by Stephen Phillips and his sons, Timothy, and Jono. Based near Adelaide, their reach extends through the northern suburbs and into areas of the Adelaide Hills.


The Team

Stephen Phillips

Hi, I’m Steve, a husband, and father to 6 wonderful kids. I love family, there is so much enjoyment in one. I am also a Christian, and believe in integrity and honesty in all I do. Working hard and providing the best result for you.

Having worked in family businesses for much of my life, it’s one of my passions to see small firms succeed and grow. My desire is to help you with yours.

I enjoy cricket, photography, reading and developing my vegi patch in my limited spare time.


Timothy Phillips

The name’s Tim. My love and passion lies in creation and design. As a Christian, I see the God’s power and creativity everywhere in the world, and much of my inspiration comes from it. I take great enjoyment in quality work, and strive to reach a result that stands out.

I was homeschooled, along with my siblings, and over the years, was able to pursue many areas of the creative realm. I studied Graphic Design for 2 years, achieving an Advanced Diploma with several awards. My hobbies include music, 3D modeling and 3D printing, digital art, and propmaking.

Jonathan Phillips

I’m Jono. I love shades.

Our Story

Stephen grew up working with books and computers, The family business Gould Books, was built around this and when desktop publishing came around a business Gould Publishing Services was built around this. And for a number of years was run to provide quality short run book production to customers. After Stephen was married, he worked for a large printer for 8 years, gaining valuable experience in the printing area.

He came back to help the family business and after some time we developed again the short run printing services for our own publications. This was started under the family business Gould Digital.


Flipside Virtual was started to provide website design and development as well as quality short run colour printing, with the focus on the best result for the customer, and servicing the local region. With the high quality of equipment and the need for printers in the the north eastern suburbs and northern hills regions, this seemed a perfect fit.

His son Timothy showed a love of design and after finishing his design training joined Flipside Virtual. Timothy is young and energetic, and loves quality and creativity. He is driving Flipside Virtual to provide a high quality friendly service, from start to finish.

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