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When it comes to promotion, your message is what it’s all about. Flyers (also called leaflets) are a very cost effective way to distribute a message far and wide. They produce a more immediate customer response compared to other mediums

Flyers allow you to directly target specific groups of clients, tailoring the design and feel easily. They also give you a lot of room to try new things. Opportunities to display your creative ideas, exciting events, new offers, and much more.

Testing the waters

Your promotion should be effective in generating sales. We give you the option to measure the success of your message, offer, or service with a short print run, before you commit to a larger promotion. Maximise the results from your promotion.

Creative Communication

A creative promotion stands out from the crowd, and people are attracted to a smart design. Combining creativity with clarity in your message, will increase sales for your business. Talk with our in-house designer to start your flyer design today.

Target Your Clients

Flyers can be distributed far and wide, and to a targeted audience. You can hand them out door to door, at events, direct mail, on the street, and so many other ways.

Cost Effective

Being just a simple piece of promotion, Flyers are a cost effective option to increase your sales for you business. Short run quality colour printing is now very affordable.

Fast turn around

You’re frantic. You need your flyers yesterday. What are you going to do? At Flipside, we can print most jobs within 48 hours. Talk to us if you need something urgently.


Take a look at some of our showcase samples. If you have a moment to drop into our office, we’ll show you some examples in person, and talk over some quick and easy options.

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