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Let’s face it – nearly every person has their fridge covered in bits and pieces from the local businesses around. They serve as a great way to keep your name continually infront of the eyes of your customers.

Why not be the one who stands out among the crowd? Talk to our designer and let us create something memorable that is effective among a sea of magnets.

Print ideas

Not sure how magnets could help your business? Aside from your business card in magnet format … how about a business calendar? A card with your opening hours? Photo prints? Weekly schedules? Site map? Anything your clients could possibly stick on their fridge.

Water Resistant

Our magnet stock is quite durable – particularly under water. As a result, it makes a reallly good option for signs that will be exposed to the wind and rain.


The great way to maintain your business logo on their fridge for all 12 months of the year. Make that big impression and keep your name in front of your clients the entire year round.

Strip Magnets

Attaching a magnet strip to the back of your artwork allows you to put information on the two sides of a sheet, while still allowing it to adhere to metal surfaces.

Car Signs

If you’re looking to advertise your business on your car, but not sure about permanent signs, try one of our magnet sheets. Easy to stick on and display your details at any given time.


Take a look at some of our showcase samples. If you have a moment to drop into our office, we’ll show you some examples in person, and talk over some quick and easy options.

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