Top 5 ways to improve your Business Card


Top 5 ways to improve your Business Card

A good business card is vital in maintaining a professional relationship after your first contact with a client. However poor design can sometimes lead to it doing more harm than good. As an essential point of contact, the quality of your card will directly reflect your business in the mind of your clients.

Too often, people just see their business card purely as a way to transfer their contact details to another person. You should want to engage your clients attention, to give them the confidence to recommend you to others, and increase their chances of remembering you.

We want to help you stand out among the crowd, and forge solid relationships – so here are our five tips to create a business card that will stay in your customer’s hand.

No 1. Be Memorable

Don’t let your card be the one that gets thrown out. Make it worth keeping. A compelling business card will be kept handy, seen often and then potentially passed on giving you those valued referrals.

There are many ways to make an impression when you hand over your card. For example, simply using a different size can make a world of difference. Square, slim, folded, or a custom shape – are all different from the usual. Interesting colour schemes, unique layouts and even the texture of the paper can deliver a deep impact.

The difference between a card that is simply “good enough” and a professionally designed card, is immediately noticeable. Take the time to put thought into how you create this point of contact.

If you’re not super handy with the creative side of things, we recommend working closely with a professional designer—someone who wants to understand your business and the direction you wish to take.

No 2. Show Personality

Whether it’s a personal card or a corporate card, show the character of what you are. Showing your client an element of personality is a great way to engage with them and humanise your business.

Whether it is a doodle of your cat, a handwritten note, or a memory from the past, show clients your what makes you different.

Think about what style best reflects you and your business. What feel do you want your business card to convey? Should it be fun or serious? Professional or casual? Exclusive? Vintage? The design styles are endless.

Instead of just being an ordinary business card, it becomes a doorway into the life of your business, and the people, products and services you offer.

If you’re stuck for ideas, graphic designers and marketing consultants are great to help you with this kind of thing.

No 3. Demonstrate Creativity

People remember how you affected their emotions much more than when they’re just fed facts and figures. If you can give them a laugh or make them impressed, they’re much more likely to hold onto your card, and happily show it to all the people they meet.

Use quirky ideas and interesting elements to interest someone from the moment they pick it up. It can start conversations and will further help to distinguish your business card, hence promoting your business as a whole.  

Creative design shows clients that you are willing to have fun with what you do. Be creative with the design and message of your card to impress your clients.

No 4. Make It Functional

The number one thing you want people to do with your card is to hold on to it. A fantastic way to ensure this is to give it an alternate use. Giving your business card an extra feature will increases its functionality and encourage people to keep it.

It could be as simple as adding a QR code which links to a special offer, video, or other resource.
You could print your business card as a fridge magnet, or give it a keyring.

On the other hand, the purpose of your card can convince customers to keep it also. Anything that’s useful in everyday life is a card worth keeping.

If it’s a loyalty card, or an appointment card, people will be sure to hang on to it. If it’s a gift, or a referal card? They give it to others!

Being small and economical to print, there are countless ways to produce a variety of different types and use a little card to your advantage. Special offer cards, networking cards, or invite cards … the list goes on.

Ask your local printer what options they provide to make your card functional!

No 5. Be Smart With Your Content

A key part of quality design is choosing the right details show your clients.

Instead of cluttering it up with an overload of content, choose your information carefully. A business card has limited space, and we all hate words that are too small to read.

So we suggest presenting your information in a way that is clear, and easy to understand – displaying only the most important material.

In addition to key contact details, consider including the philosophy or main ideal of your business. If necessary, give a short outline of the services your business provides.

Keep the aim of your business card in mind.

How do I start going about improving my card?

If you’re not really a creative guy or gal, we suggest working closely with a graphic designer.

Use open communication to ensure your card captures the essence of your business. Really good design is more than just looking pretty. A good designer should be able to communicate your message effectively while still looking appealing.

Your local printer is great to get to know. They usually offer many options in print, while offering professional and practical advice. Ask them about their options and the packages they offer. Some even have a graphic designer inhouse that can help you with your design.

Put some good thought to how you can increase your business opportunities today!

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